Mount Allison University: Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts

TCC Services

Programming, theatre planning, auditorium design, and theatre equipment design and specification, i.e. performance lighting, rigging, performance and acoustical drapery, telescopic seating system, and sound, video, and communications systems


Sackville, New Brunswick


Zeidler Partnership Architects


Aercoustics Engineering


$13 million



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Tom Arban Photography Inc.

Mount Allison University: Purdy Crawford Centre for the Arts

Consolidating the university’s Fine Arts and Drama programs under one roof, the new arts center provides specialized studios and classrooms, along with offices, seminar spaces, and a professional teaching theatre. The Motyer-Fancy Theatre functions as an adaptable studio with material warmth and character – not the typical ‘black-box’. The venue’s flexible seating system accommodates multiple configurations. A series of catwalks optimize functionality for performance systems while maintaining a safe environment for student use and teaching. Glazing on the north wall provides views and natural light, offering a desirable rental space for non-theatrical functions.